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Through a cutting-edge process, we've captured the essence of chuches, creating crunchy bites that burst with authentic flavors.
A unique experience that redefines your favorite sweets.



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Es que además de ser visualmente sorprendentes, están brutaaaaaales! 😍


Si antes ya me gustaban las chuches, ahora me vuelven loca. Las he probado con mi hermano y nos han flipado!!!

Elena Rodriguez

Muchas gracias me encantaron están buenísimas muchas gracias x el detalle

Javi Lorences

Es una pasada! Una experiencia única, un sabor intenso y un crujiente inigualable…
Os recomiendo probarlas

Carolina Aguilar
Mi pedido ya llegó y no puedo estar más contenta con la experiencia❤️

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What types of freeze-dried candies are there?

La primera tienda en España de golosinas liofilizadas, donde cada chuche ofrece sabores intensos y texturas sorprendentes. Nuestras chuches liofilizadas se someten al innovador proceso de liofilización, que les da un sabor auténtico y una textura completamente nueva. Pero aquí está el secreto: no todas las texturas son iguales.

Some of our freeze-dried treats have a crunchy texture, perfect for those who enjoy a touch of crunch in their snacks. Others surprise with a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture that melts with every bite, offering a completely different experience.

Freeze-drying, although commonly associated with fruits, is uniquely applied to our candies. This means that each type of treat can react differently to this process, resulting in a variety of textures and flavors to suit all tastes.

Recipes and cocktails with freeze-dried candies

Discover how to elevate your culinary and drinking moments with our freeze-dried tidbits. Explore a variety of creative ideas that incorporate these delicious treats into recipes and cocktails full of flavor and fun:

- Freeze-dried candies in salads:
Add a touch of freshness and color to your salads with our freeze-dried fruit tidbits. Combine them with nuts and a special vinaigrette to create unique salads.

- Sweet Crepes with Chuches:
Fill crepes with crushed freeze-dried candies and a dash of whipped cream for an extraordinary dessert.

- Cheesecake with Chuches topping:
Decorate your cheesecakes with whole or crushed freeze-dried candies for a crunchy touch and a fruity flavor.

- Smoothies and Smoothies of goodies:
Add freeze-dried tidbits to your shakes and smoothies for a surprising flavor. Combine flavors with yogurt, banana and strawberry tidbits for a delicious experience.

- Innovative Cocktails:
Surprise your guests with cocktails that incorporate freeze-dried tidbits that look like bath bombs and flavor. From effervescent cocktails to explosive drinks, these creations are visually appealing and delicious.

Discover How to Preserve Your Freeze-Dried Treats

Si estás comenzando a explorar las chuches liofilizadas y deseas saber cómo mantener su frescura y sabor en óptimas condiciones, debes leer estos puntos a continuación:

  1. Authentic Flavor: Freeze-drying is a technique that retains the original essence and flavor of the ingredients, but by dehydrating the candies in extreme conditions they change their size, texture and the flavor is enhanced in your mouth.
  2. High Quality Mylar Packaging: Freeze-dried candies are stored in high quality Mylar bags. These bags are highly effective in protecting the products from moisture and light, two factors that could affect their quality.
  3. Optimal Storage: Store your treats in a cool, dry place, away from humidity. This environment helps maintain their crunchy texture and authentic flavor for a longer period of time.
  4. Extended Shelf Life: Thanks to the freeze-drying process, our candies have an extended shelf life. Take advantage of this, but always remember to respect the preferred date to guarantee the best experience.